When you book a tour with Tallahassee Segway Tours, we reserve equipment and tour guides for you exclusively.  This is to insure that you have everything you need to have a safe enjoyable tour.  A great deal of preparation and planning goes into each tour before you arrive, so we hope you will understand that we cannot always provide refunds.

Most tours are refundable when cancelled at least one week in advance of the scheduled tour, some have shorter cancellation deadlines.  See the tour description on the booking page for details.  Should you have to cancel, please call us or complete an online cancellation request and be sure to note that confirmation number in case there are any reimbursement issues.

You must arrive on time and prepared to embark on your tour.  Tours will not be delayed to accommodate late arrivals.  We provide instruction on safety procedures and vehicle operation at the beginning of each tour.  You must be present at the scheduled tour time in order to participate in  the tour.  There are no refunds for late arrivals.

The Segway i2 SE personal transporter is capable of operating in most weather conditions, so it is unlikely that your tour will being cancelled due to poor weather conditions.  Except in cases of extreme weather, for example high winds and lightning, we'll embark as scheduled.  It is important that you are aware of the weather conditions at the time of your tour.  Florida weather can be harsh, so prepare accordingly.  We have rain ponchos, sunscreen and drinking water for sale at our launch site should you need them.

ANY TOUR CANCELLED BY TALLAHASSEE SEGWAY TOURS may be rescheduled (as available) or reimbursed.  Please be sure that the contact information you provided when you booked your tour is correct.  This is how we will contact you, should your tour be cancelled.

Tour routes may be modified without prior notice to accommodate the needs and/or skills of tour participants, special events or other situations.

Tallahassee Segway Tours reserves the right to refuse tour participation to any individual at our discretion.  All riders must meet the minimum requirements for operating a Segway and demonstrate competency operating their Segway prior to leaving the launch site.  

Additionally, Tallahassee Segway Tour guides will at their own discretion eject from the tour any individual who poses a risk to themselves or others.  Examples include individuals acting recklessly, who are impaired, intoxicated or do not adhere to Tallahassee Segway Tours safety procedures.  Anyone being ejected from the tour will be responsible for their own safety, transportation and any associated costs.