Age:  Segway i2 SE PT riders need to be at least 14 years old.  (Riders ages 14-17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at least 21 years of age.)

Size:  The Segway i2 SE PT is capable of transporting individuals from 100 to 260 pounds.  Please don't take offense if we ask to verify your weight-- it's not about embarrassing you, it's to keep you safe.

Physical Ability:  Riding a Segway i2 SE PT requires good balance and the ability to operate the vehicle while standing for the length of the tour. As a general guideline, you can probably ride a Segway if you are able to climb and descend stairs without any assistance or the use of a handrail and can stand for two or more hours.


Our two-seat scooter is an electric powered vehicle that can be reserved for our tours-- and it's pretty sporty too!  The scooter may be reserved for one or two people, but the driver must be 21 years of age or older.  Young children should be secured for their safety, keep child car seats in mind as a guideline.  (We do not provide safety equipment for children, please bring appropriate safety equipment.)  The total weight limit for rider(s) is 325 pounds.

what to expect

Once you arrive at your tour's Launch Site we'll check you in and collect your signed liability waiver.  Then we'll fit you with a safety helmet and assign you to a Segway i2 SE personal transporter.  Your Segway will be adjusted specifically for you.  To help you remember which unit you are riding, we have named each of them after futuristic adventure vehicles of the past: Apollo, Gemini, Mercury, Titan, Saturn, Scout, and Thor (our scooter) .  

Your adventure will begin with an individualized training session, generally about 30 minutes for a fully booked tour.  In this training, you will learn how to operate your Segway, first indoors with a safety spotter.  Later, we'll give you the opportunity to demonstrate your competency before we embark.  We will also review "rules of the road" which we will follow on the tour to keep everyone safe.

We'll start your tour at slower speeds until everyone is comfortable and wants to pick up the pace.  We think you'll be amazed how intuitive riding a Segway can be-- and how FUN!  We will stop a number of times to allow you to take photos and talk about the sights along the tour.  The tour will conclude when we return to the Launch Site.


Wear clothes that are easy to move in and appropriate for the weather conditions of your tour.  Avoid wearing clothing or jewelry that may get caught on your Segway.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are necessities for most days outside in Tallahassee.  We have a small selection of sunscreens for sale at the Launch Site should you forget to bring it.

Flat shoes with a secure heel are required (no flip flops or similar shoes), closed toed shoes (like sneakers/tennis shoes) are highly recommended.

Riding a Segway is a two-handed operation.  Be sure to bring a camera, but be prepared to stow it while riding.  Cell phone (or other distracting devices such as iPods, radio headsets, etc.) use is not allowed on the tour.  While you may bring your cell phone along as a camera, we recommend you turn off the signal to the phone so you will not be distracted or tempted to check it during the ride.  

We recommend you bring only necessary personal items and plan for hands-free storage during the tour.  We provide a small zippered pouch that is attached to the handle bars, it's big enough for keys and a cell phone or a bottle of water.  If you need additional storage, a small fanny pack is ideal.  No items may be stowed on the foot platform, purses and backpacks are not allowed as they may shift and throw off your balance.

Unless otherwise indicated, you will have no need to bring money on the tour.  Your tour will be a whirlwind of great sights to which you will most likely want to return, but we generally do not plan stops to purchase snacks or gift items.

Be sure to use the restroom at the Launch Site before we embark as there are few facilities available along the tour route.  In the case of emergency, we will make every effort to see to your comfort.


All Segway PT riders must prepare for their tour by watching a safety/operation video prepared by the Segway company.  The video is also available for viewing at our main launch site, but we strongly recommend viewing it before your visit to streamline tour preparation.  The video can also help you envision what riding a Segway will entail if you are unsure of your abilities.  View safety video


Tallahassee Segway Tours requires all riders to wear a safety helmet while riding the Segway PT or scooter.  We have a selection of helmets available for your use at no additional cost for the duration of the tour.  We currently stock the Ventura Safety Sport Helmet in standard adult sizes S/M and M/L.  You may also provide your own helmet.  Please take the time to visit the link to the helmets if you have any concern whether a standard-sized adult helmet will fit.


Each rider (or responsible adults at least 21 years old) must complete and sign a liability waiver prior to participating in the tour or training.  We recommend you take the time to read and sign this prior to your tour to streamline tour preparation.  (Open Liability Form as PDF)


Each tour has a cancellation deadline, so please make note of that when you make your reservations.  Your equipment and tour guide are reserved to be available for your tour, so please understand the conditions in which you may receive a refund. (See more details)


The Segway I2 se PT is capable of operating in most weather conditions, so it is unlikely that your tour will be cancelled due to inclement weather.  Please be aware of the weather conditions for your tour and prepare accordingly.  

Severe weather, of course, is always a possibility here in the Sunshine State.  Should your tour be cancelled for weather conditions, we will reschedule your tour (as available).  In the case that we do cancel your tour, we will contact you as early as possible.  Please be sure the contact information you supply to us is correct and that you check for any notifications.


Do I need reservations?

Tours can be booked up to a year in advance.  To assure your tour availability, reservations are recommended.  

We will book "walk-up" tours on a first come, first served basis.  Walk-ups should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tour.  Tour guides will generally be at the tour launch site at least 30 minutes before each tour, however, if no tours are pre-booked, they may not be.  

If you find yourself with a last minute urge to explore on a Segway, we invite you to call us as late as one hour before the start of the tour.  We'll do our best to accommodate you, but the earlier you tell us you're coming the better chance the tour will go on as scheduled.

Should I tip my tour guide?

If you enjoyed your tour, let your tour guide know!  Earning more for a job well done just makes sense.  A gratuity is your way of saying "good job, keep it up!"

For your convenience, you may put a gratuity on your credit card after the tour is complete.  Tell your tour guide you'd like to check out our Online Store. Your tour guide will pull it up on his/her screen and you can privately assign any amount you want to apply.

How much should I tip my tour guide?

Tips are very appreciated, but discretionary and the amount is completely up to you.  As a guideline, 15-20% seems to be the accepted standard for a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide with an enjoyable tour.

Can a minor go on a tour alone?

No.  Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult ages 21 and over.

Do you provide tours in languages other than English?

Sorry, at this time we do not.  With enough advanced notice, however, we may be able to arrange for a custom tour in another language.

Do the tours go inside attractions?

Although Florida Law defines a Segway as a mobility device, we do not take tour groups inside local attractions.  You'll see lots of interesting sites on your Segway Tour which we hope will invigorate your desire to explore and that you'll dig deeper on your own.

Can I video tape and/or photograph my tour?

Safe Segway operation requires two hands at all times.  There will be many opportunities to take photo or video as we stop along the way to take breaks and talk.  If you have hands-free devices, your are welcome to record as much of the tour as you would like.

Can I bring my cellphone?

You may certainly bring your cell phone and should plan on bringing it if you use it as your camera!  We recommend, however, that you turn off the signal to it so that you and the tour participants will not be distracted by incoming calls or texts.  Please be sure you have a pocket or other place to store it such as a fanny pack.  You should not plan on carrying a purse or backpack for safety reasons.

What if I have health concerns?

You should view the safety and training video to determine if your health may be a concern during a tour.  If you decide to take the tour, you may inform your tour guide of your concerns so that he/she may relay them to medical attendants should the need arise.  You should not rely on your tour guide to provide medical treatment of any kind.

Can I bring my child?

Children ages 14 to 17 who are capable of operating a Segway may participate in our tours when accompanied by an adult ages 21 and older.  Tallahassee Segway Tours offers the use of a Two-Seat Scooter which may accommodate children as well.  The scooter must be operated by an adult ages 21 and older and we recommend the use of safety seats for younger children.

Can I rent a Segway to ride on my own?

Unfortunately, no.  Tallahassee Segway Tours provides guided tours only.

Can I buy a Segway from Tallahassee Segway Tours?

Absolutely!  Although we do not stock surplus units for sale, we can certainly have one for you in a matter of days.  Additionally, our gently used units will be up for sale from time to time as we refresh our inventory of tour vehicles.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes!  You may pre-purchase tours or specify a dollar amount to give as a gift.  There is a link to purchase gift certificates on the bottom of each of our website pages.