Tour reservations must be made by an adult who will be responsible for the compliance of these terms for all members of the party for which they are booking.

Tours are refundable only as described in the tour description.  In some cases, rescheduling may be offered.  See our cancellation policy for more details.

All Segway PT riders must weigh between 100 and 260 pounds and verify that they are at least 14 years old.

Our Scooter has two seats, one for the driver and a passenger's seat directly behind the driver.  Use of the passenger seat is not required, nor will it be booked by another party.  Scooter drivers must be at least 21 years of age and are responsible for the safety of the scooter passenger (if any), providing additional safety equipment as needed.  Additionally, the combined weight of the driver and passenger (if any) must not exceed 325 pounds.

All Segway PT riders must be physically and mental able to safely operate the Segway PT for the duration of the tour.

All riders, drivers and passengers must wear appropriate safety gear and comply with all applicable rules, laws and procedures.  Tallahassee Segway Tours will (as available) provide the loan of standard-size helmets only.

All Segway riders must watch the safety video and submit a signed waiver of liability before embarking on a tour.

Riders will be held responsible for repair, replacement and any other expenses from damages to Segways and Scooters resulting from the rider's failure to follow operational and safety guidelines and instructions, applicable laws and ordinances, and/or driver wrecklessness and/or error.  Riders will not be held responsible for normal wear to Segways and Scooters.

A security deposit of up to $500 per participant may be required to pay for damages caused by drivers, riders and passengers.  This deposit will be held on a major credit card for the duration of the tour and released upon satisfactory return of equipment.